Paul Richards

I have 25 years of Construction, Engineering and Life experience. I am an Engineer, licenced building practitioner and multi award winning master builder. I am a family guy, father, grand-father, surfer, biker. A perfectionist who loves being creative, whether it be designing or building beautiful homes. It gets me out of bed each day - to do something new - to experience something different and affect someone’s life in a positive way. To be challenged. Creative designs and buildings affect people in many ways but the most rewarding experience is witnessing the affect first visualisation has on a client - and then watching them walk through their home for the first time, witnessing the reality of that initial visualisation. I give thanks to an amazing family of my partner and kids and friends. To a very experienced, well qualified and professional team of great people in house and trade suppliers and contractors. I am very proud of what we have achieved over the years and I look forward to more of the same; always striving for the perfect home for every client, to match any budget. At Contemporary Homes we want to make your life a better experience: “There are some people who live in a dream world, there are some that face reality, and there are others that turn one into the other.” Be the other! “Design is not complete until someone is using it” “Never be afraid to challenge what everyone else believes to be the normal”.

Melissa Richards

Proud wife of Paul, mother and grandparent. My background has been marketing and sales for over 20 years, as proud owner of His and Her Anti Ageing for the past 9 years and partner in crime with Contemporary Homes since 2007. Family, friends and our two fur babies are what are most important to me. My hobbies include outdoors, paddle boarding, BBQ s, laughter, and motorbiking! My approach is one of listening and caring about what our clients want and need to build their dream home: insuring we create that home and investment for them and their family. Because to me Contemporary Homes means family... For the team we work with and those we build for!

Alan Columbus

Al Columbus comes to Contemporary Homes from a multi-award winning Radio background spanning 34 years. He’s been a familiar voice on the airwaves in Nelson for nearly 3 decades, working out of Fifeshire House in the fields of announcing, coaching, operations management and sales. Says Al, “As clients of mine with MediaWorks, I was incredibly impressed with the types of home Paul and Melissa (Richards) build - and the wonderful Team they have around them. I wanted to be a part of that team and environment...and now here I am!”. Al is excited to be able to help his clients experience the excellence of Contemporary Homes.